Apiotics empowers web developers to build full end-to-end IoT solutions.  Here's how we do it.




Step 1: Configure Your Device ON Our POrtal

The Apiotics Portal makes it easy to find the drivers you need for the IoT device or devices you want to build.  Create a hive and provision your devices on the portal, and you're ready to start building your IoT application.



Step 2: Build Your IoT application

Once you've configured your device, build your IoT application using our Apiotics Gem, or JSON API.  The Gem creates a digital twin of each of your IoT devices inside your IoT application's database.  Interacting with your devices is as simple as interacting with your database.



Step 3: Deploy and scale

Deploy your application to your favorite infrastructure and scale your IoT devices seamlessly with Apiotics IoT DevOps tools.

Want more details?

We don't blame you.  Check out our portal for in depth tutorials.