About Us

We've spent years building highly secure IoT solutions for the Department of Defense.   We learned a lot building solutions for highly adversarial environments. We've brought that mindset and tooling to Apiotics as well.  Any app built with Apiotics has security built in from the start.

Over and over again we kept having to reinvent the same wheels in order to bring a solution to fruition.  We spent huge amounts of time building the plumbing for IoT applications instead of delivering value to our customer. 

We thought: there has to be a better way.  What if we could apply the lessons of DevOps to the IoT?

What if, instead of spending months pulling together the different pieces of infrastructure that an IoT application needs, we could use tools that let us focus all of our effort on delivering the core value that the customer is looking for.  What if those tools could make IoT development so fast that we could be Agile, to make sure we're aligned with our customers and our market? And, what if those tools could bundle together all of that infrastructure, along with state of the art security and management tools.

Apiotics is that toolkit.  We think it's the next big thing in IoT, and we think you'll think so too.



Mac dougherty


Mac is an experienced company founder as well as a web developer who now loves building IoT apps.  Mac has been the CEO and co-founder of a number of ventures including MicroArx, iBoardrooms, Cognitive Electronics and AskOnline and has advised many others.  Mac holds an MBA, with distinction, from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and an AB from Harvard College


Jason dahlstrom


A research engineer with more than 20 years of experience in embedded systems, networking, and computer engineering, Jason's background includes both team management and lead researcher/development roles in telecoms, network security, and sensing & control device development in medical, industrial, automotive, and military markets. Jason holds an Ph.D. from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.


Steve Taylor


A Professor of Computer Engineering at Dartmouth College, Steve is a nationally recognized expert in distributed computing and computer security who has served on the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (2009-12), as a program manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) (2004-8), and as a consultant to several government agencies and companies. His research interests include information operations, distributed computing and systems, computer and network security, and embedded systems.