Our Model Is Simple

We charge you for the messages you send through our platform between your application and your devices.

Simple Pricing For simple Apps

Below 10,000 messages per month:                    Free

Up to 500,000 messages per month:                  $20.00 per month

Up to 1,000,000 messages per month:               $40.00 per month

Up to 1,500,000 messages per month:               $60.00 per month

And so on, and so forth.

A message is a data transmission up to 512 bytes. See our portal for more details on messages.

Enterprise PLans

If your application requires Apiotics' Enterprise solutions, such as an SLA, encryption within encryption, premier support, onsite training, dedicated hosting, turn key custom hardware manufacturing, private cloud support, or audit trails, please get in touch with us: info@apiotics.com and we will work with you to find the right Enterprise plan for your needs.

We can also bring Apiotics' professional services to bear on your project.  If you would like to take advantage of our expertise in the IoT, please contact us today.

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