Monthly Plans

No Charge To Connect Your First 10 Devices*

Starting Out

$95 / month

1 developer

50 devices included

$0.99 per device

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$275 / month

3 developers included

100 devices included

$0.79 per device

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$1250 / month

5 developers included

250 devices included

$0.59 per device

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$2950 / month

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You Get:

  • Easy device configuration and management
  • Seamless integration with your DevOps toolchain
  • Secure end-to-end communications with your devices
  • Over the air device updates
  • Frictionless device firmware installation
  • Comprehensive documentation and tutorials
  • A modern container based workflow

You Can Add:

  • Uptime SLAs
  • HIPAA/PCI compliance
  • Enterprise support
  • On-premise solutions
  • Turn key custom hardware
  • Audit trails
  • Onsite training

*8,750 messages per month per device included in all plans.  $1 per 100,000 additional messages per month.  Cellular data plans may incur additional costs.  Prices shown are for annually billed plans.

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