With Apiotics, you can bring IoT solutions to market faster, less expensively, with better market validation and more cost certainty.


Build IoT Solutions With 1 Dev Team, Not 3

With Apiotics, 1 team of web developers can quickly build full IoT solutions.  Without Apiotics, companies typically need three dev teams: a web team, a firmware team and a communications layer team, adding cost, complexity, schedule risk and integration headaches.



Validate Your Market

Apiotics lets developers build applications quickly, in hours or days instead of weeks or months.  With Apiotics, you can get your solution into users' hands and validate the market demand for it.  If you need to make changes, Apiotics' rapid development tools make dev cycles short and sweetly inexpensive.

Move first, move better

With Apiotics, you can get your solutions to market much faster than your competitors.  Establish market leadership while the other guys are still in the planning stages.



Lower Costs & More Certainty

With smaller, more focused dev teams and shorter development cycles you will have greater predictability on the cost to bring an IoT solution to market.  With Apiotics, you can much more easily manage development costs and give the rest of your management team actionable insights on time to market.



Whether you host your applications on Heroku, AWS, Rackspace, or on a private cloud, you can deploy your IoT application to the provider you use today. 



Whether your application needs just a few IoT devices, or millions, Apiotics will scale with you to support your growth and provides easy tools for managing devices in the field.


Serious SEcurity

Apiotics' founders cut their teeth building next generation IoT cybersecurity for the DoD.  We've brought that mindset and tooling to Apiotics as well.  Any app built with Apiotics has security built in from the start.